The Practical Pet Protocol: Group Dog Training Classes in Raleigh

We Offer the BEST Raleigh Group Dog Training Class!

Raleigh Group Dog Training Class

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Dog Diggity
8109 Ebenzer Ch Rd
Raleigh, NC

Every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm

12 weeks to complete 6 classes

Drop In Group Class – 12 weeks to take 6 classes

Sally Said So Professional Dog Training is now expanding its services to offer group training classes to dog owners in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Practical Pet Protocol is the perfect opportunity for dogs in need of basic obedience and/or light behavioral training to attend a

Most group training classes fail because they take dogs out of their comfort zones, do not train around real-world distractions, and do not empower owners to handle behavioral deviations on their own.

Practical Pet Protocol does things differently. We don’t accept dogs younger than six months of age into the course, and we don’t accept dogs dealing with serious behavioral problems such as anxiety, aggression, and leash reactivity, simply because we know these dogs would benefit more from one of our in-home training programs. Contact us to learn more about these programs.

What sets Practical Pet Protocol apart from other group training programs?

  • We teach basic obedience commands such as sit, down, come, stay, and heel—like most classes—but we also teach you how to properly deliver these commands so you feel confident, comfortable, and in control at all times.
  • We teach you how to utilize these commands and new-found confidence to curb future behavior problems on your own, hopefully negating the need to see a trainer again.
  • We teach you about proper bonding, so both you and your dog learn to trust and respect one another. This will help you rely on your dog, and it will help your dog follow your directions without hesitation.
  • We make sure to practice the training in various real-world situations, filled with distractions and behavioral triggers, ensuring your dog keeps his/her focus on you at all times.
  • We give every participant a 40+ page manual and access to our mobile app, making it easier for you to practice the training independently.

Practical Pet Protocol is taught by Shane Gentry, a certified dog trainer with over ten years of experience. He is excited to help Raleigh-based dog owners teach their dogs basic obedience and stop behavior problems before they start.

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