Expecting Mother’s K9 Preparation

Expecting Mothers K9 Preparation

At Sally Said So, we understand that EVERYONE in the household needs to adapt to big changes, including your dog. 

Expecting Mothers k9 preparationAre you an expecting mother? Don’t forget that, as having a precious little baby is a life changing event for us, it also is for your furry babies as well! Expecting mothers k9 preparation is usually one of the last things soon to be parents thing about, but it is equally as important. When you welcome a new baby into the home, it affects every aspect of the house. From your daily routines, to how you spend your leisure time, to how much time you spend with Fido and more.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 4.28.30 PMOur Expecting Mothers k9 Preparation Program

Prior to your new baby, your dog probably received most of the attention in the house. He probably had a set feeding routine and probably knew exactly what to expect…not anymore! These big changes can affect your dog tremendously. It can cause anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, destructive behaviors and other unwanted behaviors. Here at Sally Said So Professional Dog Training, its our job to show you how to smooth over this transition before it becomes a problem. Book an “Expecting Mother’s K-9 Preparation” session to learn how we can make sure your dog is always a happy dog, as you go through life’s big changes!

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