We Train Dogs AND Owners!

We Train Dogs AND Owners!

Our Raleigh dog training program is not only for the dog, but more importantly for the dog owner. With our in-home training program, we will come out to your home to work with you and your dog. During the consultation we will collectively come up with a list of goals for your dog to achieve and then I will create a customized training plan. During our lessons I will work with both you and dog. Not only will I teach your dog skills, but I will also provide you with the knowledge of how to properly and effectively communicate with your dog. Our purpose here is to make sure both you and your dog are both successful and have a healthy relationship!

Our Raleigh dog trainer trains both dogs and people!
We train dogs AND their owners!

In order for your dog to consistently behave in any environment, the dog owner must be consistent with the training. Our training method relies heavily on owner follow through and commitment and consistency is key. Our training will teach your dog to respond to your commands and follow your lead despite the presence of distractions. We will make sure that your dog respects you and views you as their leader.

While boarding and training sessions works great for some dogs and their owners, in-home training often has a better success rate. Opting for in-home training allows the dog and their owner to first build a strong relationship in their natural environment that will then overflow to public settings. In-home training allows the owner and trainer to address the issues where they are originating.

In order for your dog to have a successful outcome with training it is imperative that we have the full dedication and support of the dog owner. If you are ready and committed to work with your dog alongside our skilled trainers, please call us today.