We Love and Work With Vets!

We Love and Work With Vets!  

Here at Sally Said So Dog Training, we make it a point to know our veterinarians. Not just the ones that our clients go to, but to all the compassionate and hardworking vets in our community. Because both vets and dog trainers want the same thing — happy, healthy dogs with happy owners!

When we meet and speak with our vets, it’s not just about giving them our business cards and praying they’ll just offhandedly mention our company name. We meet vets and build relationships, just as much as we build relationships with our clients. If a vet is referring Sally Said So, it’s not because we’re their only option (though it may end up being that in some cases, due to lack of other trainers meeting them!), but vets refer us because they KNOW us and they know the RESULTS we provide to our clients.

Sally Said So Dog Training Raleigh NC can help your dog!
Nancy helping Shane at a recent Lunch and Learn!

We as trainers deal with behavioral health, while veterinarians deal with the more physical side of a dog’s well-being (not to say they can help with mental and neurological issues…they can!). Behavior can play a role into a dog’s physical state, and vice versa. Due to this, a trainer will do much better teaming up with a veterinarian. Trainers and vets don’t meet and work with clients together all the time, but we keep each other informed. We consult with vets if there’s a question on behavioral medication or potential physical issues that are feeding into the behavior issues. We keep them updated on the dog’s behavioral progress, whether it’s going smoothly or if we hit some roadblocks. For both our clients and our veterinarian colleagues — we hold ourselves accountable in all our cases, and always communicate with them so they are not left in the dark, and so the dog has a better chance of receiving all the training and treatment they may need.

For veterinarians to better understand our background, training philosophy, and success rate with clients, we offer a lunch and learn presentation that covers all of Sally Said So’s training approach, methods, clients, and so forth. We’ve also recently became accredited to offer a VETiquette lunch and learn for our veterinarians and vet tech, which covers safety, food/diet, behavior health, and canine stress/anxiety. This 1 hour presentation is accredited by the AAVSB (American Association Veterinary State Boards) and RACE (Registry of Approved Continuing Education), and this allows our vet crews to earn 1 hour’s worth of mandatory continuing education, while also learning about our training and how we can help their clients and general practice.

So if your vet mentions our name for dog training, be sure to know that we work closely with our vets to ensure success for you and your dog. If your vet doesn’t have a relationship with us currently…they soon will! Check out our list of referring veterinarians!

For clients seeking veterinarian-referred Raleigh dog training, call us! For veterinarians who want to learn more about our reward-based dog training programs and about or CE lunch and learn, call us to schedule a meeting…food is on us! Our offices can be reached at 919-427-4775!