Housebreaking & Marking? Sally Said So Dog Training Can Help!

Housebreaking & Marking? Sally Said So Dog Training Can Help!

While working with another dog trainer, we talked about a very common behavioral issue we run into: marking and housebreaking. As your dog learns and lives with you, you may notice natural behavioral shifts. You may also find that getting the basics down are a lot harder for your dog than you may have anticipated Just like people, dogs forget things and adapt new behaviors in reaction to their surroundings, as well as learn from other dogs. Not all of these are for the better – we come across difficulties with housebreaking a lot. You may find that your puppy isn’t connecting the outside with going to the bathroom and goes anywhere in the house, or your dog might be marking or nervous-peeing. This can be frustrating and embarrassing for owners and it can begin to shake up the way you understand your pet. This can be a huge issue when you have guests over or find yourself having to clean up the carpet multiple times a week. We understand – it can be frustrating, and you will find that it can undermine the trust between the two of you.

Marking problem? Let Sally Said So Professional Dog Training help!With Sally Said So’s help, you’ll learn how to approach housebreaking as a problem that can be easily corrected with some new behavioral guidance. Once you set the boundaries, employ basic obedience training, and establish yourself as the leader of the pack again, you’ll be able to communicate to your dog and any other dogs in the pack that going to the bathroom in certain areas is unacceptable.

If you’re having problems with housebreaking and want to rebalance the relationship between you and your dog, call us for a behavioral assessment. Our experienced trainers will come and visit you and your dog one on one to study the dynamic between you two and get right to the heart of the problem with a personalized training program. Although issues with marking and housebreaking can be disheartening to experience, it’s not the end of the world, and we would be happy to show you how to get started retraining your dog with confidence.