Ever Wonder Why We Train All the Dogs In The Household?

Ever Wonder Why We Train All the Dogs In The Household?

Being a pet parent of multiple dogs comes with its own set of challenges. Dogs are like children in some ways; they compete for the attention of their owner or they may pick up bad habits form their siblings. This is why we train all the dogs in the household and not just the “problem child.”

Our Raleigh dog training programs are designed to work with all the dogs in your house!
Behavioral balance is possible!!

Often times when a dog is a member of a multi-dog household, their behavioral problems are the cause or result of another dog in the house. Whether your dog suffers from more severe problems like aggression or something more common such as housebreaking; these behaviors can be linked to another dog in the household.

In many instances, a dog owner is so focused on their dog with the most severe behavioral problems that they overlook their other dogs’ mild behavior issues. For example, I worked with a client who had a five year old Yorkie that was fully housebroken until she adopted her two year old Maltipoo. When we initially spoke, she was certain that she only wanted training for her Yorkie because the Maltipoo was fully trained and well-behaved. After completing the in-home consultation, I was able to discover why her Yorkie has suddenly regressed. The Yorkie was not use to having to share his owner with another dog. He was simply acting out in efforts to seek more attention from his owner. His potty training issues were a direct result of jealously. Once I explained my findings to the owner, she absolutely wanted both of her dogs enrolled in our training program so they can learn to live peacefully together without being in a constant battle for their owner’s affection.

Here at Sally Said So Dog Training we offer all in-home training for multi-dog households and we always recommend including the whole pack to participate in training. During our in-home consultation, I will assess the dogs, situation, and get a feel for the overall dynamic of the household. With our customized training plan, we will create a stress-free environment by implementing a set of rules and boundaries for all the dogs, while giving special attention to your “problem child.”

If you are ready to live harmoniously with your furry children, call us today!