Case Study – Leash Reactivity & Dog Aggression Training

Case Study – Leash Reactivity & Dog Aggression Training

aggressivedogs1-300x258Walking your well-behaved dog along a beautiful park path with the summer breeze ruffling your hair is the perfect way to enjoy life in or near North Carolina. You and your dog get exercise, and you get to spend relaxing, quality time with your best bud.

However, if your best bud isn’t so well-behaved, this image may seem far beyond your reach. Such was the case with a recent client and his dog, Jaxx. Some dogs pull on the leash, some chew on the leash, some constantly try to escape, and some dogs just do everything they can to get you and/or themselves tangled up. Jaxx’s problem was the latter. Jaxx suffered from leash reactivity and dog aggression.

Jaxx owner had envisions of walking his new rescue dog peacefully along the beach when Jaxx first entered his home. Instead, the walks become embarrassing for the owner and dangerous for the dogs. Any dog they pass would immediately trigger Jaxx’s anxiety and aggression, scaring away the neighborly welcomes. Between the lunging, growling, and snarling, Jaxx’s owner was starting to feel defeated and think that maybe Jaxx ‘s behavior unable to be changed.

IMG_2825-300x300Luckily, I was able to help Jaxx, and now he’s a much calmer and happier walking companion.

How did I go about this? We taught Jaxx basic obedience commands through leash and verbal communication in a low stimuli environment. The truth is: Jaxx had never properly learned what was expected of him in a setting that encouraged his focus. This is often where people misstep, forgetting that it is up to us to show them what TO do before we show them what NOT to do.

Once we mastered the basics of leash manners, using verbal & leash commands, and how to stay focused on his owner, we slowly started to reintroduce the problematic stimuli as the training progressed. At every step of the way, we made sure to progress at a fair pace, setting Jaxx up to make the right decisions, every time.

As always, the owner played a key role in following through with my guidance. Because the owner kept up with the training between sessions, Jaxx learned exactly what was expected of him and could finally walk around his neighborhood without scaring away new friends. Training your dog using a fair and balanced approach, enhances the bond between an owner and his dog. Once trust and respect are established, it makes interaction easier and more pleasant. Structured scheduling and working at the dog’s pace also played key roles in the success of Jaxx’s training.

I would be happy to speak with you about any trouble you’re having with your dog’s behavior. Just give me a call at 919-427-4775 and we’ll discuss a program that’s right for you and your pooch.